PT Medicare Internasional Indonesia established in 2014, is a company focusing in providing Medical Devices and Hospital Furniture products to meet Indonesian market needs.  We are in the Health Care business providing winning team and highly reputable MDD (Medical Devices and Diagnostics) Products, and its Related Services


  • We understand that safety and reliability are a priority in medical facilities and that legal compliances must be met. We know the importance of cash flow control from a cost reduction perspective. Based on our experience, we have prepared a service contract program that is beneficial for our customers.
  • Our offer contains a completely carefree warranty and post-warranty service. It includes periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment, spare parts distribution, repairs and other support. Services are provided both on an ad hoc basis and under a maintenance contract


  • To support excellent service to all customers, PT.Medicare Internasional Indonesia has spread throughout Indonesia in 40 Representative Offices in 34 Provinces from Aceh to Papua. We are committed to providing superior and reliable distribution services.

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