About Us

Who We Are

Medicare Internasional Indonesia, established in 2014, is a company specialized in providing Medical Devices, Hospital Furniture, Transportation System, Isolation Room, Smart Air and MOT (Modular Operating Theatre) products.  We operate in the healthcare industry as a distributor, equipped with an experienced professional marketing team and great MDD (Medical Devices and Diagnostics) products, as well as its related products.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in both the hospital furniture and MDD    (chemistry, urinology, hematology and AP) sectors.

Our Mission

To become the partner of choice for Indonesian hospitals & doctors as well as attract leading domestic and global hospital furniture and MDD manufactures

EMASS Service (EXCELLENT MEDICARE After Sales Service)

We understand that safety and reliability are a priority in medical facilities and that legal compliances must be met. We know the importance of cash flow control from a cost reduction perspective. Based on our experience, we have prepared a service contract program that is beneficial for our customers.


Our offer contains a completely carefree warranty and post-warranty service. It includes periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment, spare parts distribution, repairs and other support. Services are provided both on an ad hoc basis and under a maintenance contract

MEDISFA (MEDICARE Enhanced Sales Force Automation)

MEDISFA is a our inhouse sales tools that boost productivity and automates the tasks and processes that matter, enabling our marketing reps to save valuable time while automation takes care of  data entry and procedural work. With easy access on mobile devices, integration to email applications, and marketing-focused digital assistants, our marketing teams have all the tools they need to optimize, improve and excel.

Let's Keep in Touch!

Just like our after sales service, we will ensure that all our customers will be satisfied, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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