Essential components of Modular Operation Theatre

As known, some Hospitals prefer use Modular Operation Theatres (MOT) now with main reason for patient safety and easier to install and the setup ensures that all the necessary surgical pieces of equipment are within arm’s reach. In today’s scenario, the Architecture of any hospital needs thorough planning, designing, and analysis. The key purposes of establishing a Modular Operation Theater are efficiency, precision, safety, and improved patient outcomes.  Its main objective is to make the best use of available time and resources. Every component of modular operation theatre is made from premium quality materials making them extremely durable.

Essential Components that Make Operating a Modular Operation theatre Easier, such:

• Operation theatre central control panel

• Surgical scrubbing station

• X-Ray viewing screen

• Ceiling-mounted laminar flow with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

• OT control switches & control panel etc.

Modular Operation Theatre is Required due to It’s a compact and highly sterilized setup containing particular air filters to control the airflow system in Operation Theatre. Some specific types of air conditioning for the safety of patients and the Surgical Team.

There are many requirements from hermetic sealing, sound insulation, absolute flatness, vertical adjustment, ease of disassembly, and noninflammable materials, to adherence to all standard regulations like the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) and All.

Modular Operation Theatre helps stop the generation of bacteria, Standard occupancy of people and equipment load, Safety standards, Positive air pressure, Appropriate maintenance, Functional separation of spaces, Regulated traffic flow, Hygienic environment, Proper air ceiling system, Innovative medical workspaces, Special requirements for humidity and ambient temperature, Space for future devices and expansion, the appropriate number of air change, helps in imaging and X-ray facilities during the ongoing operation thereby helping with quick analysis and informed decisions.

The safety of the patients is a top priority in the world of healthcare and with a well-equipped Modular Operating Theater a doctor and team can quickly handle emergencies or complications.


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