The 35th Hospital Expo 2023

The 35th Hospital Expo 2023 Indonesia International Hospital, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Laboratories Equipment & Medicine Exhibition held on October, 18-21, 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta-Indonesia, in conjunction with the National Seminar of the 19th Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI) and the 17th Annual Patient Safety Seminar, with the theme “Local Resources, Global Competitiveness”.   On this year 2023,  Hospital Expo consisted of  approximately  923 stands covering around 334 national companies and around 235 international companies from Austria, Belgium, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore,  Thailand, etc.  

Hospital Expo also collaborates with PERSI which carries out seminars, workshops and various competitions for hospitals. In parallel, members of the organization, which consists of more than 2,731 hospitals from 32 provinces and 18 hospital associations, can also fulfill their information needs and shop for various types of medical equipment with the latest technology at competitive prices. Apart from that, the Hospital Expo is also dedicated to being a health education event. There are two talkshow topics presented by Dr. Handrawan Nadesul (Health Motivator & Book Author) and Dr. dr Riwanti Estiasari, SpS(K) related to Aging and Multiple Sclerosis with aimed to support promotive and preventive health efforts which held in Hall B JCC, on Thursday, 19 October 2023.  

Some medical & diagnostic equipments on display range from various on diagnostic devices, emergency treatment equipment, Hospital treatment beds to information technology devices. On this Hospital Expo event,  common public can also visit the exhibition stands which provide any various medical equipment for personal use such as blood sugar checkers, crutches, breast milk expressors, thermometer, wheelchairs, etc. (IW2710)

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